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Abalone at Food Delicious House 好景海鲜坊

I fail as a food blogger :/  I forgot the name of the restaurant I dined in. OK, I remember the Chinese name (好景海鲜something something) but not English. I've tried every effort to cover the name but being a fairly new restaurant, Google has failed me *shock and horror*.

I HAVE GOT THE NAME! It is called Food Delicious House (好景海鲜坊)

It was not towards the very end of our meal till we realised that this restaurant has CHEAP ABALONE so we came back again next week to try it out.

Have you ever seen a LARGE whole abalone for only $36.80 and in the heart of Chinatown where rent is ridiculously high?

Large Abalone $36.80 each

Had some fun with our eating utensils while we waited for our food.

I think the best way to eat abalone is to lightly scald them in high broth.  This method will also preserve the nutition value of this shellfish.  Second best would be steaming it with ginger and shallot.

Thinly sliced abalone
Abalone slices with vemicelli, cabbage and tofu.  Sauce: ginger and shallot in soysauce.

The way to eat scalded abalone is to lightly swivel them in boiling hot high broth then quickly scoop them out so they are very tender.  This process usually just take 10 seconds. Over cooked abalone will resemble rubber like texture.
Swivel the abalone with a pair of chopsticks and...

Cooked abalone will curl up like the above.

Normally scalded abalone will be plated on a layer of vegetables, usually cabbage or spinach. The restaurants will give you cabbage because it's cheaper but you can request for spinach for better restaurants. It will also show that you are a regular and know your food well.

After finishing the abalone, you would toss in the other ingredients to the pot and drink the soup.

The abalone slices were a bit thicker than I would liked. The best scalded abalone would be at Golden Century and the waitors also does it for you but that costs around $180 compared to $38. I shouldn't complain so much given the great price difference.

Snowpeas in garlic sauce $14.80
Deep fried pork with spicy salt $16.80
Fried Steamed Buns with condensed milk $3 for 6

God these little nuggets are so good!  The steamed buns are fried in hot oil to give it a crisp and crunch exterior while the inside is still fluffy and soft.  The buns are naturally slightly sweet in flavour as they would put sugar in the dough so it can be eaten with or without condensed milk. Beware that it is very oily and very hot!  I wish they would place an oil paper underneath to suck out all the excess oil.

When it was time to pay the bill, I realised that it was $20 extra than what I expected.  The waiter told me that they charge $20 for hotpot!  Gosh I hate restaurants that have hidden charges but apart from that little mishap, the overall dining experience was alright.  The food was cheap, service was ok, nice ambience, nice location to where I study/work so's not bad at all.

Food Delicious House 好景海鲜坊
Location: Shop 2, 63 Dixon Street Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9280 3378

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