Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ching Yip Coffee Lounge 甜甜咖啡屋

Ate lunch at Ching Yip Coffee Lounge to satisfy my Hong Kong styled food cravings.  We are greeted by the rude waitress who is very impatient to take our orders.  You can see these kind of service in HK movies where the waitress smokes a ciggy while rudely tells you to hurry up.  I expected the same kind of service (and I got it) although I was still get very ticked off when it did happen.

Shredded Pork and Pickled Cabbage with Handmade Noodle Soup 雪菜肉丝汤拉面 $8

Fried Bacon, Sausage with Egg on Rice 腌肉肠蛋饭 $8

Pork Chop Curry and Rice 咖喱猪扒饭 $9
Ching Yip is famous for their pot rice and curries but it was disappointing as the curry was exceptionally hot that day and also too salty for my liking.  Maybe they did it on purpose so I would order a drink.


Chocolate Sundae from New Zealand Natural $7.80

This is my DINNER which I shared with my brother (I wanted a berry sundae but he wanted chocolate...he won) just before watching Mama Mia on 3 Dec.  I had $10 left in my wallet so I had the option of buying a foot long Subway or icecream and naturally, I chose the icecream.

A couple of days ago, they were handing out FREE cokes on Sussex Street outside Breadtop and Sussex Centre.  I ignored my moutain of paper work and dashed out from work to get myself a free coke.

The can was really cute as it was only 200mL. I've never seen such a small coke can before so I got excited and started to snap it with my camera.

I was taking a picture of it while the client waited.  So professional of me.

Free Coke Zero sitting amongst the waiting client and moutain of work.
Ching Yip Coffee Lounge 甜甜咖啡屋
Location: 210 2nd Floor, Dixon House 413 Sussex Street, Haymarket NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9281 1591

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