Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cafe De Campbell 金堡餐廳

I have long awaitened the reopening of Cafe De Campbell since its closure due to demolition.

It is sort of like a fusion cafe popularly seen in Hong Kong where they serve western cuisine with an asian twist.

I have always loved their set menus because it came with my much loved Russian borscht, bread roll, drink, main and a dessert.  I'm glad to see they have much more choices on their set menu and I WILL try everyone of them out.

Lemon Iced Tea 冻柠檬茶

HK Styled Iced Milk Tea 冻奶茶

Russian Borscht 罗宋汤

Bread Roll with Butter 小餐包

I love the bread roll as it is soooo soft and have a faint sweet taste.  It tastes like the bread rolls given to you on planes but better since they come warm!

Grilled Pork Chop in Tomato Sauce and Rice 扒猪扒番茄配饭 $12.80

The pork chops are sooo tender and juicy on the inside and I can't believe you get a meal for not even $13.

Self Fried Rice Meal of Wagyu Beef 自烧炒饭 - 雪花和牛肉 $13.80

A rice island surrounded by egg and thin slices of wagyu beef ($14 for wagyu beef? Comon that's so cheap!) made my eyes lit up when this sizzling dish was brought to the table.  I quickly snapped a picture and started to mix the ingredients together hoping that the egg did not burn underneath.

I think this is Soy Sauce, meant to be poured into the fried rice.

Egg Jelly 蛋花果冻

The dessert was brought up when the tables are cleared and I stared at this dessert trying to figure out what it was.  I took a scoop, observed and placed it in my mouth.  Tasted like egg.  My brother didn't believe it was egg so we had a bet on who was right.  I had to hail a waiter to the table and ask what it was.  He had to check with the kitchen and get back to me which was pretty embarrassing.  As usual, I'm always right.

Cafe De Campbell
Location: Level 1, 405 Sussex St, Haymarket NSW 2000
Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday 7:30am - 11pm, Sunday 8am - 11pm
Phone: 02 9281 0743

Campbell Restaurant on Urbanspoon

5 sugary comments:

Tums said... Reply to comment

wow the dishes all look so unique babe! hehe, esp the self fried rice @_@.. how did it taste? :)

chocolatesuze said... Reply to comment

haha i like the idea of the self fried rice!

Tums said... Reply to comment

right suze? xD, it almost seems like an HK version of bibimbap but with a flat dolsot dish instead.

sugarpuffi said... Reply to comment

@tums the wagyu is not veryyyy marbled but still very tender and fatty which is perfect for sizzling :D

@ suze yes it was very interesting especially that it came in a shallow dish, almost like a pizza pan but u mix stuff on it!

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

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