Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sushi Rio

Seems like a while since I wrote a proper entry.  Home internet is still down!! It's getting ridiculous and I feel like barging into the Telstra building and chuck a fit.  I even designed their interaction room! What a load of bull crap they are.

Rotating sushi at Sushi Rio.  My brother's big appetite made my poor wallet cry :( In the end I had to limit him to choose $3 and under plates...not being a stingy sister but...yeah...he eats too much.

Mini Sushi Roll $2.50

Squid $2.50

Ah squidy my favourite!

Salmon and Shallot $3.00

I love Japanese mayo on sashimi but...*picks shallot out*.

Fish Roe $3.00

Salmon and Onion $3.50

I'd say they ruined a perfect sushi with onions and shallots! Why does it always have to come with nasty little toppings like that?  I would've happily chow down a combination of salmon, avocado and lots and lots of mayo!

Top Shell $3.00

Salmon $3.00

Scallop $3.50

I love the generous servings of scallops on sushi! Wish I could grab another plate.

King Fish $3.50

Salmon $3.50

Salmon and Avocado Mini Roll $3.00

Octopus Salad $3.00

Grilled Salmon $3.00

Sushi Rio
Location: Shop 7, 339 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9261 2388

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