Sunday, December 5, 2010

Made in Italy Trattoria and 100th Blog Post

Aweeee so I didn't win the Nuffnang Christmas Challenge from the previous post *sad puffi face* but I did fill my stomach with a lot of yummy food to combat the loss.  I heard that Made in Italy is a pretty authentic Italian restaurant so I made no hesitation to pay it a visit.

Located between the quiet residential area of Pyrmont, Made in Italy is a not so quiet restaurant that is busy and bustling with people flocking in for its authentic Italian food.

The menu has definitely grabbed my attention.  It has pictures of the owner's son on the front and back side of the menu and you can just tell from the menu that the owner is quite a family man.

Adorable Menu :3

Apart from the menu, the restaurant also have a lot of blackboard specials. The waiter was very helpful and didn't mind explaining each of them and was also telling us how it's made and where the ingredients were from.

Momo Sauvignon Blanc 2009

The owner Sergio complimented us with a bottle of Momo Sauvignon Blanc 2009 which was very nice of him ^-^

Black Mussels with Tomato, Garlic and Chili $20

The mussels was cooked perfectly and we ended up scraping to the bottom of the bowl with the bread to soak up all of the left over sauce.

Snapper in Crazy Water $25

Crazy water?! I had no idea what it was until today.  In reality, it is no where near as crazy as the name.  To my understanding, it is reduced pasta cooking water with cherry tomato juice.  Nevermind how it was made, the fish was just absolutely wonderful.  The skin was crisp, inside was juicy and the seasoning was full of flavour.  I would order it again if it is still on the blackboard the next time I visit.

Spaghetti Vongole with Broccoli $26

An Italian classic dish with vongole (clams) and broccoli.  The spirit of this dish is to retain as much of the natural flavours of the clams and broccoli as possible.  I strongly support this idea as I believe a good dish is when the ingredients has kept it's natural taste.  This goes especially for seafood and this dish has done just that which makes it simple but very tasty.

Seared Tuna in Eggplant Compote $26

I can never go past seared tuna and decided that I'm going to order this dish as soon as I saw it.  The dish was not as raw as I hoped it would be as the middle was more medium rare than seared but it was still quite nice.  The eggplant has definitely made up for the tuna as it was just perfectly seasoned and cooked.  It was so soft that it kind of just melted in my mouth. 

Americana (Large) $24

After all these dishes, you'd think we forgot about pizza? Never! No Italian experience is complete without it.  We ordered a large thin pizza to share between 4 people.  Although full to the brim, we still gobbled it up.  The base was super crispy and the topping was just right.  I must say, it was good pizza. 

After a big meal there always comes dessert.  The desserts here are all made from scratch on premises by the owner's sister in law!

Millefoglie $12

Millefoglie, Mille-Feullie, Napoleon, Vanilla Slice or whatever you call it is a layered puff pastry filled with cream or jam.  My memory kinda fails me but I think it had a sponge cake layer, puff pastry layer and a whipped cream layer.

Vanilla Panna Cotta with Mixed Berries $12
Oh. My. God.  It was the most jiggly panna cotta I've ever seen.  I was so intrigued by it that I couldn't stop jiggling it until everyone got annoyed with me since they just want it eat it.  I should've taken a video! Oh and it tasted amazing as well. :p

Sergio's Tiramisu $12

A nice generous serve of tiramisu served in a pretty glass bowl.  I found the tiramisu a little subtle in flavour.  Personally I think it lacked the espresso taste but I think it would be great for non coffee drinking people.

Roman Chocolate Profiterols $12

This dessert was a little confusing for me as I imagined profiterols to be little balls of choux pastry but instead it came in a glass.  It seemed that only the choux paste was brought out but hey! I'm not really complaining about it since it tastes great anyway.  From memory, the texture was somewhere between a chocolate pasty cream and chocolate mousse.


Sergio's homemade Limoncello! Oh boy it was good.  Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur served chilled after dinner as a digestivo.  The liqueur has a strong lemony flavour but sweet in taste and also without the lemon's bitterness.  It was the first time I've tried it and was surprised at how it wasn't sour or bitter but sweet!  It was another complimentary drink and thank you Sergio for sharing it!

Buon Appetitio!

Made in Italy

Location: G01/55 Miller Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 12pm - 2:30pm, Mon - Sun 5pm - 10:30pm
Phone: 02 9518 7555

Made in Italy Trattori on Urbanspoon

100th Blog Post

Oh did I mention that this is also my 100th Blog Post? I've always wanted to spell something out from Alphaghetti and he is my chance! 

Heinz Alphaghetti

I looked high and low for this and I finally found it at the Coles in Pyrmont.  They didn't have it at Rhodes (they had numberghetti!) or at World Square :( 

Anyway~ I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to find all of my letters in a tiny 220g tin of alphaghetti but I just made it!

I swirled my spoon in the alphaghetti trying to look for letters then picked them out carefully with my chopsticks and placing it on a plate.  Soon, I found myself getting anxious because I couldn't find all the letters!  So then I decided to eat the unwanted letters one by one so I could find it more easily.

A puddle of red orangy sauce is now flowing everywhere in the plate so I had to get a new plate...oh god.  Now I kinda regret spelling such a long line.  So after looking for letters, I arranged them neatly and cleaned off all the excess sauce with tissue paper. 

So here it is!

Oh yeah! Success!

Sugarpuffi: Sugar's Sweet Blog 100th Post

People that look carefully enough will see that the letter 'G' on the word 'BLOG' is replaced with the letter 'C'.  I just couldn't find any more Gs :(

Oh and the 'I' and '1' didn't exist in the tin so I chewed the letter 'H' to make 2 I and 1s hehe.

35 sugary comments:

mademoiselle délicieuse said... Reply to comment

Made in Italy really has some great pizzas. And did you spot their giant jars of Nutella?!

And LOL, congrats on the 100th post!

Simon Food Favourites said... Reply to comment

congratulations on the 100th post. i love the spaghetti alphabet. i reckon you should consider doing something like this for your blog banner at the top. looks really cool! :-)

Laura said... Reply to comment

this is a restaurant i'm yet to try & i'm just around the corner.

congrats on 100 posts

Monica ^o^ said... Reply to comment

Love what you did with the Alphagetti !! Congrats too on the 100th post !!
I haven't been there since they opened up the bigger premise, must make a visit :)

vxdollface said... Reply to comment

aaaw hehe that's so cute

CLARZZY said... Reply to comment

happy 100th blog post!!

was at made in italy the other night, food was truly awessomeee !

Christina, the Blogkeeper said... Reply to comment

Congratz, happy 100th sugar post! and that menu really is cute, i wonder who's baby it is haha! that snapper looked good with those cherry tomatoes. I really wanna try the limoncello, looks like it'd make a nice holiday/xmas drink like eggnog almost haha!

sugarpuffi said... Reply to comment

@Rita: I did see it!! i was like omggg nutella!

@Simon: great idea! i should think of something good for my banner :D

@Laura: oh y havent u tried it out? gogogo! now!!

@Monica: hehe it took ages to spell! those evil letters :( and u should go! if i remember clearly u and laura live across the road to each other!

@Vivian: thanks lovely :)

@Clarzzy: ohh r u gonna blog about it too?

@Christina: thank you :3 the baby is the owner's son!

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

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Share Accommodation said... Reply to comment

A nice little site to browse during a lunch break and a handy source of design inspiration.

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

The dessert that you labelled The Roman Profiterols is actually Chocolate mousse with whipped cream.

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