Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Lunch at Lotus

Ello everyone! I had a massive sugar overdose at Lotus on 2 April cause it was the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Lunch by Dan Hong!

I thought it would be savoury dishes with 'wacky sweet elements' but nooooooo~~~its sugar all the way! WHOOH!

The place was decorated with colourful candy, pretty flowers and crazy liquid bubbling away like it was in a mad scientist's lab.

Quirky science meets candy<3

Oh how much I drooled over the menu...

'Russian Spyder'

Coke spyder with Vodka and Kahlua hehe. The wimps (and kiddos) went for the lemonade with icecream option.

Blueberry Inspired by Violet Beauregarde

Our eyes could not peel off the bubbling apple consomme with dry ice. Such awesomeness! It was then gently poured around our blueberry sorbet.

Ohhhhhh~look at the blue colour leaking off into the consomme.  After a while, the whole puddle was blue. It also dyed our tongue, teeth and mouth blue.  Soon, the entire restaurant are all laughing at each other and being the cam whore that I am, took snaps of myself.

Blue Tongue!

Ice Cream Sandwich

This is not your ordinary ice cream sandwich. Yummy chocolate brownies sandwiched two fat scoops of peach ice cream and a layer of fresh strawberries. To make that even more awesome, it was then sprinkled with pretty pink tart strawberry powder. 

'Golden Eggs'

Look at that roasted milk chocolate go! I don't even know how you can roast milk but it sure tasted awesome with a hint of salted caramel taste.

Dehydrated chocolate meringue, mango puree and roasted white chocolate river. mmm...We hassled the waiter to find out what they did to make a pretty skin for the mango puree and it is a very complex culinary process called 'spherification'.

Look at the pretty little golden ball. Put the whole ball in your mouth and you can feel a 'pop' sensation just like a caviar except your mouth would be filled with yummy mango puree. :D

Chocolate and Mandarin 'Surprise'

Super creamy chocolate ganache with mandarin fizz and mandarin jelly.  The 'surprise' was hidden pop rocks underneath the chocolate ganache.  It was a combination of smooth chocolate and little fireworks bouncing in my mouth.  So awesome! The mandarin fizz reminded me of those fizzy Lifesaver candies in a much creamier form.

Oompa Loompa Ice Cream Sundae with 'Chocolate River'

Ohhhhh~chocolate river! I thought it would be like Heston's chocolate water but sadly it  wasn't :( but oh well! This one is still very awesome.

There are many elements on this dish: pandan ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, honey comb, pretzels, peanuts, marshmallows, raspberry sauce and hot chocolate fudge as the river.  It really kind of resembles the overwhelming feeling when the children first saw what's inside of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

By this time, I really had trouble breathing due to an overdose on sugar and not to mention that I'm super full.  Miss. S is crazy and finished off everyone's plate with indications that she can eat more...much more...

 Take home goodie bag!

Oh yay! Everyone gets a goodie bag filled with, yups, more candy!

At first, we discussed about going to KFC and try their double down to 'neutralise' the sweetness but after all that food, I could barely even move.  The double down has to wait.


Location: 22 Challis Avenue, Potts Point NSW 2011
Opening Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 6pm - 10pm
Phone: 02 9420 3000

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19 sugary comments:

sara @ Belly Rumbles said... Reply to comment

Talk about sugar overload!! The desserts look awesome, very vibrant colour wise.

MissPiggy said... Reply to comment

I feel sick just looking at all that sweetness...I would've started with the Double Down just to line my stomach. Your photos look so pretty!

Trisha said... Reply to comment

Omg Betty first high tea at swissotel, now this! I'm worried about your sugar intake now hon! Just kidding... anyway man that looks like a huge sugary feast!

Vivienne said... Reply to comment

that roast milk is leaving me very intrigued! i wish i was there to pop the mango yolk too and laugh at your blue tongue!

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

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Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said... Reply to comment

Gorgeous photos and thanks so much for this post. I was wondering what it was like! :D

mademoiselle délicieuse said... Reply to comment

Haha, but you always need something to "balance out" the sugar! Looks like it was much fun =)

Tina@foodboozeshoes said... Reply to comment

Sugar overload! Though the last one looks seriously good - wouldn't mind it now actually...

Laura said... Reply to comment

oh boy, i'd die.

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Hi - I am definitely delighted to find this. Good job!

sugarpuffi said... Reply to comment

@Sara: oh yes it was! i could feel that my heart was having trouble pumping

@Melanie: hehe it was so filling! i dont think i can finish the 5 courses if i started off with a double down. and thanks! means a lot to me :)

@Trisha: LOL! my sugar intake is monsterous :P

@Vivienne: how i wish u were there too! come back to sydney hehe <3

@Lorraine: thank you! it was just sugar and more sugar one after the other. my body was about to die on me haha

@Rita: i should! maybe eat a sack of salt haha!

@Tina: yes it was! i couldnt move in the end...sat there for at least half an hour just to let it digest

@Laura: i nearly did

@Anonymous: thanks! :D

Gastronomous Anonymous said... Reply to comment

My goodness... all that Sugar! dont think i could have done it but everything looked amazing!

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Hey - I am certainly delighted to find this. great job!

Julie said... Reply to comment

pretty photos *___*
reminded me not to do this again got Koed on 5th course lol.

Lil said... Reply to comment

@_@ so much sugary goodness.
I wish I got to try this!

sugarpuffi said... Reply to comment

@Gastronomous Anonymous: haha! u weakkk..naw i didnt succeed in finishing it either

@Julie: LOL yeah. we all got koed..except steph!

@Lil: hehe yes! it was sugar overload! hope they have it again next year

foodyphile said... Reply to comment

THIS LOOKS BEYOND ADORABLE! I didnt know about this event until it was over :( this is the closest experience we can get to Heston Blumenthal inspired dishes in Sydney!

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

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Spencer said... Reply to comment

Looks absolutely delicious! I would so loved to have been eating that food.

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