Thursday, July 7, 2011

Quay Restaurant

Yes! We finally visited The Quay for lunch on Friday. I insisted on going for lunch for the nice natural lighting so we can take purdy photos of our not so cheap food. Since Quay is only open during weekdays for lunch, we all took annual leaves to go! That is true dedication right there.

Quay Menu

Harbour Bridge

I was so cut that a gigantic P&O cruise ship decided to park itself right in front of Quay, blocking the views of the Opera House.  Luckily we were seated next to the window facing the Harbour Bridge so at least there was something to look at.

Quay Butterfly $18

Vanilla vodka, butterscotch snaps, limoncello with a cute star anise floating on top.

Aperol Sour $18

Aperol liquor, a dash of lemon juice and egg whites! It was a really refreshing blend of sweet and citrus sour taste which I really enjoyed.  Can't tell there was egg whites in it though. 

Complimentary (Rye) Bread

Amuse Bouche

A perfect balance of creamy eggplant puree,  soft dashi jelly, blue fin tuna loin and red garnette.

We chose the 4 course menu which was $135. 

Course One

Sashimi of Sea Scallops, Smoked Eel Flowers, Apple, Organic Crosnes, Horseradish, Sorrel Shoots, Virgin Pine Kernel Oil

A very delicate and light dish with many layers of subtle flavours and textures. This has been my first encounter with corsnes and I thought they were very cute with a shell like appearance. When eaten, it had a faint nutty flavour with a crunchy texture.

Southern Tuna, Toro, Pink Turnips, Jamon de Bellota, Juniper and Wasabi Flowers

Super pretty ball of tuna with pink turnips laid on the sides.  It chose the toro, the fatty bit of tuna which makes the flesh almost melt in my mouth.

Mud Crab Congee, Fresh Palm Heart, Hand Shelled Mud Crab, Chinese Inspired Split Rice Porridge

A Chinese inspired dish with a light yet very flavoursome porridge, juicy crab meat and steamed egg custard.

Course Two

The waiter took our cutlery away after the first course and we were expecting new ones to be replaced right away. However, the second course arrived and there was no cutlery in sight.  We hailed the waiter over and he gave us a shocking look that pretty much says "Oh shit". The expression was priceless, but we expected more from Quay to forget basic things like this.

Poached King George Whiting, Wintermelon, Lettuce Heart, Kale, Native Angasi Oysters

Slow Cooked Coturnix Quail Breast, Pumpernickle and Ethical Foie Gras Pudding, Walnuts, Quinoa, Truffle, Chestnuts, Milk Skin

Really tender quail breast with a rich mix of foie gras, walnuts, chestnuts, milk skin and truffle with the crunchy quinoa balancing the otherwise bland texture.

Gentle Braise of Black Lipped Abalone, Pearl Oyster, Rare Breed Pig, Shiitake, Native Sea Parsley, Ginger Scented Milk Curd, Earth and Sea Consommé

I loved the juicy shiitake mushroom and rare breed pig. The flavours are nicely balanced with each element's flavour blending perfectly into the dish. The abalone however, was a little rubbery due to overcooking. I had a few heart stopping moments when I feel like the abalone is going to fly out of the plate because I couldn't cut into it.
Course Three

Bass Groper, Young Vegetables, Smoked Butter, Fennel Pollen, White Carrot Cream, Pea Flowers

Miss K had difficulty ordering this as she thinks it sounds kinda wrong saying 'Groper' haha! The fish was very delicate in flavour and very tender so eat this one first if you are sharing with friends.

Berkshire Pig Jowl, Maltose Crackling, Prunes, Cauliflower Cream, Perfumed with Prune Kernel Oil

My eyes lit up when this baby was brought to me. The waitress instructed me to take in the fragrance before eating as it was perfumed with prune kernel oil.  The smell was absolutely divine but my eyes was totally fixed on the maltose crackling. The crackling was very thin but very crisp, similar to the glass on a crème brûlée.

The meat was very succulent and juicy but was even better when coupled with the smooth creaminess of the cauliflower cream and fruity sweetness of the prunes.

Poached Wagyu beef, Oxtail, Morel, Black Pudding, Farro, Buckwheat, Hazelnut, Ezekiel ($10 surcharge)

It was a wagyu of score of 8 to 9+ and like the quail breast, it was very rich in flavour with an earthy undertone.

Salad Mix with Balsamic Dressing

Ohhh, it's mirrors above us! (Miss J's face is blurred)

Course Four

Quay's Eight Texture Chocolate Cake

I'm sorry about the blurry images on the bottom.  I quickly set my camera on Auto since the waitress already started pouring chocolate on the cake and...obviously it didn't focus where I wanted it to. Never set it on Auto boys and girls!

I thought I can take on any type of cake/chocolate, ok, dessert in general but damn! This cake is rich! I was struggling to finish off the piece of cake Miss J gave me.

Layers of chocolatey goodness

Guava and Custard Apple Snow Egg

Ahh, ye o'mighty snow egg that needs no introduction. It was featured in last year's Masterchef Australia when Adam Liaw and Callum Hann was to replicate all its glory.

It consists of custard apple icecream, vanilla custard, guava granita, guava puree, poached meringue, maltose tuiles which is melted and wrapped around the meringue, vanilla cream and guava fool.  Yeah, all that in one dessert.

The Snow Egg and I

Food porn shot!

Still unsatisfied with my dessert cravings, we ordered petite fours to finish off the meal ($9 extra).

White and Brown Sugar Cubes

I'm in love with these double layered cups! Looks pretty AND it doesn't burn your hands.
Flowering Jasmine Tea (thank you Miss J for posing)

Petite Fours

The lighter ball of goodie contains palm blossom, sugar, milk, chocolate ganache, with a roasted hazelnut in the centre.  The darker one has a Amedei Chuao chocolate ganache centre, muskatelle grapes and amaretto chocolate crispies on the outside.

The lighter ball had a strong palm blossom sweetness and the darker ball was so overwhelmingly rich that I think it puts the 8 texture cake to shame. If you are a fan of very dark and rich chocolate, this is for you.

Head Chef Peter Gilmore

Now, I took a photo of Peter Gilmore when he was tasting whiskey.  Some say it's stalker behaviour, but I call it fan girl.

The bill came down to $510 for 3 people but when we looked at the receipt, they charged us for 1L of sparkling water which costs $14. Since we all ordered a cocktail, we didn't have sparkling. I think it was a supervisor (because he was in a suit) came over and gave us a disgusted look which literally translates to "You guys are lying". We were very unimpressed with this service as he didn't even say sorry and took the bill away.

We ended up giving a $15 tip which was more than the sparkling anyway. I wish I got his name so I can diss him in my blog.

Quay Restaurant

Location: Level 3, Overseas Passenger Terminal, The Rocks, Sydney 2000
Opening Hours: Tues - Fri 12pm - 2:30pm, Mon - Sun 6pm - 10pm
Phone: 02 9251 5600

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56 sugary comments:

sara (Belly Rumbles) said... Reply to comment

I never noticed the mirrors!! What a shame about the ending to your meal when you received the bill. We had incredible service right through.

mademoiselle délicieuse said... Reply to comment

So jealous! Still haven't made it to Quay yet, but because of all the hype still from Masterchef last year, think we'll wait a bit longer still. Food looks exquisite.

Simon Leong said... Reply to comment

fantastic photos. i feel like i'm there. dishes look amazing. pitty about the mix up with the bill for the sparkling. perhaps they got it mixed up with another table. sounds like the guy needs a reminder about customer service :-)

Viv said... Reply to comment

its sooo sad to see what i missed out on...:'(
i think u photographed the 8 texture cake perfectly!
too bad about the service...actually i found them quite rude/unprof on the phone too when i booked too!

R. said... Reply to comment

Those petit fours look amazing, like molecules or maybe something from space! I hope I get to try them and the snow egg one day :)


Vivian - vxdollface said... Reply to comment

i love your photos! lunch lighting is definitely WAY better than dinner lighting :( can't believe they were so rude! my waiter was super nice and friendly, kept making jokes with us lol

Mary said... Reply to comment

aww!! those double layered cups are pure genius!!! your photos are beautiful! can't believe they "accused" you of ordering sparkling water... would've annoyed me to no end!

muppy said... Reply to comment

i am in love with your entire meal, it looked absolutely incredible....your photos are amazing :D

lateraleating said... Reply to comment

Awesome photos! I like how they incorporate not so common ingredients in the dishes. That chocolate cake looks so much tempting for me than the famous snow egg. A shame on the service (lack of cutlery plus the water incident).

Dumpling Girl said... Reply to comment

Shame to hear that you got the same bad experience as me too, sounds like the same guy too but it was over something much worse. As the food is actually lovely.

Ladybird said... Reply to comment

Wow - the food looks so incredible... like art on a plate! What an awful shame to end it on a sour note :(

Nic@diningwithastud said... Reply to comment

Haha def not stalker. Everything looks absolutely perfect and soooo tasty! Shame about the waiter at the end. Ruined a perfectly good (annual leave) day

Tina@foodboozeshoes said... Reply to comment

Wow - that is dedication...! But totally worthwhile - look at those pics!
Shame about the sour ending... :(

MissPiggy said... Reply to comment

Your photos are mouth-wateringly good - love the mirror shot, smexy. The food all looks as pretty as a picutre, pity about the snooty service as the end as this is a pretty pricey place for most of us to visit - I'd want the wait staff to treat me well.

Jasmin said... Reply to comment

Wow. That service is just appalling.
I would never have tipped after that. Never.
You don't expect service like that, we had a similar bill at The Bentley for six people last week and when two of our group didn't finish their cocktails they took them off the bill.

The difference in service is staggering.
It would seem that Quay seems to underestimate the way that people eat out.

After hearing about service like that I have no interest in going there now, regardless of how good the food is.

Similar stories have stopped me from going to Cafe Ish and prevented me from going back to Wildfire.

What a shame.

Photos are amazing, as always.

sugarpuffi said... Reply to comment

@sara: i didnt notice them either! Miss K pointed it it out first.

@Rita: lunch time is pretty easy to get a booking. dinner on the otherhand...

@Simon: thanks! and yeah the service wasnt up to standards

@Vivienne: oh really? they were rude on the phone aswell?!

@Rachel: the snow egg was very tasty indeed and the petite fours was god damn rich lol!

@Vivian: thats y we took annual leaves to go! hehe

@Mary: awww thanks! yeah we were quite put off with the service :(

@Muppy: thanks! i love it when people like my photos XD

sugarpuffi said... Reply to comment

@Gaby: yeah there was definitely some rare ingredients in there. the cake was overwhelmingly rich, def a must have for choc lovers

@Dumpling Girl: wow no way! shit service from the same person? maybe he should be sacked haha

@Ladybird: the food was almost too pretty to eat. it was a real put off in the service part >-<

@Nic: yay! finally someone agrees with me with the stalker thing haha! everything was great till the end :(

@Tina: annual leave was worth it for the photos lol! the service was a real let down though

@Miss Piggy: oh smexy indeed...but not as smexy as ur 'adult shop' photo haha! we expected more from quay :(

@Jasmin: wow! the service sounds so great in comparison. there are mixed reviews with the service at quay but i'd say just over half say the service isnt perfect but u never know who u will get right?

Christina, the Blogkeeper said... Reply to comment

Gosh everything looked so good - that chocolate cake really did look decadently rich...the fish dishes, omg! yumm. btw what's Maltose Crackling? Is it pork?

Sucks about the's always dreaded. and damn, that was a LOT of money!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said... Reply to comment

Very cute picture of you! And that is dedication indeed when you take a day off to eat there! That Berkshire pig jowl dish is amazing isn't it!

Julie said... Reply to comment

:( so sad about the service. LOL at the blurry photo i look funky

minibites said... Reply to comment

what an amazing meal, I love the presentation of each dish! It's such a shame to hear it ended on a sour note, and it's not the first time I have heard that about Quay!

Adrian (Food Rehab) said... Reply to comment

Man, I don't know where to start! The pig jowl - wow and of course the snow egg...I agree, no intro needed. I'm so going here when I'm down in your hood.

Ramen Raff said... Reply to comment

Amazing photography, nice photo of you, and I'm so jealous of all the fantastic Quay dishes (especially of the berkshire pig jowl and the awesome snow egg!!). Wow wow wow

sugarpuffi said... Reply to comment

@Christina: maltose is a sugar XD and yeah the bill wasnt the best bit ahahah!

@Lorraine: aww thanks! and yes the pig jowl was amazing!

@Julie: haha! and i forgot to fat u up for the tea photo.

@Minibites: yeah, seems like a lot of people have been getting not to standard service there

@Adrian: haha u mean going 'up' to my hood since ur in melb :P and yes u have to come and try it

@RamenRaff: thank you! yeah, these 2 were my favourites of the day :D

tinytearoom said... Reply to comment

fantastic photos. The courses look amazing. I'd love to dine at Quay one day. Maybe I can quietly hassle him to go on our 10 year anniversary in November. wink wink.

The chocolate cake dessert looks so amazing!

Tambourine said... Reply to comment

That snow egg looks prettier than I imagined! All those seafood dishes look absolutely awesome too. The waiter thing sounds funny - I know it's not supposed to happen but it sounds hilarious!

Two fit and fun gals said... Reply to comment

amazing photos :)

Jaipur Property said... Reply to comment

i think u photographed the 8 texture cake perfectly! Please log on our website for Jaipur Property

gastronomous anonymous said... Reply to comment

great photos! I LOVE quay.... wouldnt mind going again thats for sure!

sugarpuffi said... Reply to comment

@Tinytearoom: wow 10 years! thats really special. a day at quay is definitely needed!

@Tammi: yes it's super pretty :) and oh such a shame about the service though >-<

@Betty: Thanks!

@Gastronomous anonymous: quay have super purdy food hehe. i would love to have the pig jowl again

seo agency india said... Reply to comment

this is a Amazing photography, nice photo of you, and I'm so jealous of all the fantastic

My Hunger will go on said... Reply to comment

Your photo of the "Berkshire Pig Jowl" make me drool!! I love the way how your photos look so clear and sharp to present amazing details on the textures of each dish :)

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