Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Zealand Trip Part 3 - Dine by Peter Gordon

After a fun and crazy day at the cave/farm/geyser, a nice meal would be the perfect way to end the day.  We chose to dine at 'Dine' by Peter Gordon who won Top 50 Restaurant of 2012 in New Zealand.

We had the degustation which was 5 courses with a palette cleanser and petits fours.  It is NZD$185pp with matching wines but NZD$115pp (converts to around AUD$90) without it.

*PS: I have to apologise for the inconsistent lightning and sad quality of the photos. The place is filled with dim orange light and there's not much I could do about it. >-<

Dine by Peter Gordon:
Degustation with Matching Wines

The place serves a unique blend of Asian, Pacific and traditional European cuisine. This theme could be seen throughout the dishes served in the degustation.

Seared Yellowfin Tuna
Ruinart Blanc de Blancs, Reims-France NV

First course is a seared yellowfin tuna with yuzu, wakame, sesame and kelp, kumara, tahini miso salad and a deep fried quail's egg. A mainly Japanese inspired dish with a touch of European glamour.

Pyramid Valley, Savagnin Rose, Marlborough '10

Savagnin Rose is now relatively rare in cultivation but it is great to match with Asian food and fatty fish.

Matched with:

Prawn and Panko Crusted Hapuka

Prawn and panko crusted Hapuka with wok fried greens, wood ear fungus, urenika potato with red lentil pandan coconut broth and crisp curry leaves. The dish is filled with Southern Asian elements but tastes really good cooked Western style.

Waitaki Braids Pinot Noir, North Otago '08

Matched with:

5 Spice Roast Cambridge Duck Breast

Five spice roast cambridge duck breast with smoked kumara mash, bok choy, pickled shiitake mushroom spring roll, fig and orange chutney. I really liked this dish as it has a citrusy sweet and juicy meat and crispy skin with a hint of five spice.

Pasquale Limoncello and Feijoa Granita

A really refreshing palette cleanser with my feijoa fruit goodness! I really fell in love with this fruit as it is a more citrusy version of a custard apple and so readily available in NZ - they're everywhere!

Alpha Domus "The Aviator" Cabernet Blend, Hawkes Bay '09

Matched with:
300 Day Grain Finished Wakanui Angus Beef Fillet

300 day grain finished Wakanui angus beef fillet soft black olive polenta, buttered spinach, a crisp braised ox tail dumpling and roast capsicum salsa. Look at the pinkness on the inside! A perfect medium rare steak with all the nice frillings on the side.

Rene Mure "Clos St Landelin" Gewurztraminer VT, Alsace-France '07

I love dessert wines. I wish I could swap all of the above wines for 5 servings of sweetness. Gewurztraminer is a more fragrant version of the Savagnin Rose with a pungent lychee note.

Matched with:
Frangelico Panna Cotta

Frangelico panna cotta with white chocolate and hazelnut powder, toffeed feijoa, polenta tuile and maple sherry ice cream.

Selection of Petits Fours

Dine by Peter Gordon

Location: Skycity Grand Hotel, 90 Federal Street, Auckland
Opening Hours: Daily 5.30pm - 10.30pm 
Phone: +64 9 363 7030

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Gourmet Getaways said... Reply to comment

This all looks so delicious!

I am heading to New Zealand in December so I think I will have to make this my first meal in Auckland. I love all the wines that were chosen for the courses, although the only one I could not of had would be the sweet dessert wine. Funny how different peoples tastes can be in wine. :)

I do love all the courses of the degustation meal. They look delicious and so gorgeously presented.

gastronomous anonymous said... Reply to comment

wow this all looks delish! am heading to NZ later in the year or early next year will definitely have to check it out!

missklicious said... Reply to comment

Looks fab. Putting this on my NZ to eat list!

Vivian - vxdollface said... Reply to comment

That's such good value! Liking the Asian influence :)

SarahKate (Mi Casa-Su Casa) said... Reply to comment

That's a pretty good deal for so much gorgeous food and drink! I love the combo of duck and pinot... so perfectly matched!

tastyfoodsnaps said... Reply to comment

love the look of the dessert! :)

Tina @ bitemeshowme said... Reply to comment

You were in NZ for such a short period but yet you managed to eat so much! And what awesome value it was for everything that you got. Impressed!

Sara - Belly Rumbles said... Reply to comment

Love NZ, amazing food and wine.

Christina @ The Hungry Australian said... Reply to comment

My word, that duck looks incredible. I love fejoas and love the fact that they've made them into a granita - I don't think I've ever seen them on a menu before actually. Your whole meal looks fantastic - I'm hungry now ;)

Mrs Deer said... Reply to comment

This photos are amazing! And your blog is very beautiful! Bravo!

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Ruby Qiu said... Reply to comment

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