Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Zealand Trip Part 4 - Depot Eatery and Oyster Bar

Depot Eatery and Oyster Bar

I managed to squeeze in a lot of eating which sadly had to span over 2 posts so look forward to the next post yeah?

I chose Depot Eatery as I see there was always a crowd even during non busy hours so this place must be good!

Being hungry, I chose a meat board, 2 small sharing plates and 1 large sharing plate between 2 people but the waiter had to stop me because he said they are actually quite big.  In my mind, a small sharing plate would mean like 2 quail eggs in Sydney so I kept the menu in case I needed more food.  All I can say is, food is very generous.

Old Mout Cider $7

Complimentary Tortilla Bread with Hummus

 NZ Meat Board (Small) $20

Waikanae pork salami, wild rabbit rillette, paprika beef and beef bresaola served with a cherry relish and Olaf's fig and fennel crostini.

Quite a large serving of meats considering it was a small.  I was already starting to panic about my surplus order of food.

Charcoal Roasted Aubergine with Sherry Vinegar, Olive Oil and Smoked Paprika $9

I love eggplants with vinegar so this was a must order for me on the menu.  Eggplants are known to absorb oil so I'm glad it wasn't overly oily and had a nice smokey flavour with a hint of sourness.

Fergus' Bone Marrow - Wood Roasted with Parsley and Shallot Salad $20

I was quite overwhelmed by the amount of bone marrow they gave us.  It also came with some toasted sourdough and a tiny fork to allow us to scoop out the marrow.  If you haven't tried bone marrow before, it is like eating a big blob of fat (I know it's tissue) so this amount of marrow made me a bit sick and drinking water by the bucket.

Crisp Pork Hock with Apple and Horseradish Salsa Verde $29

A super big pile of meat was presented to me and I now understand what the waiter meant with over ordering.  This looked like a feast for the biggest male and I was already full.  I ate some of its delicious crackling and salad but luckily my brother polished off the rest.

We managed to eat most of the items apart from the marrow and I got 2 hours to digest before going to high tea...

Depot Eatery

Location: 86 Federal Street, Auckland 1010 New Zealand
Opening Hours: Daily from 7am
Phone: 09 363 7048

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Tina @ bitemeshowme said... Reply to comment

Oh no, generally marrow is such a treat to eat! But you're right, too much of it isn't all that pleasant. I really am staring at that meat board right now.... wow

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Food is our religion said... Reply to comment

never had marrow before ... not sure if i will now if it tastes like fat... I'll stick to the pork hock thanks!

chocolatesuze said... Reply to comment

MARROW!!! oh baby

Vivian - vxdollface said... Reply to comment

you left the marrow :O but that's the best part! :P haha my trip to melb with mum was like that too!! eat as much as posisble rofl

ChopinandMysaucepan said... Reply to comment

Dear SugarP,

Those aubergines look good.

But if some silly accountant left 3 marketing messages on my blog like that, I would immediately blacklist them for poor form and crass marketing.

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im so hungrey now, they looks so nice

tastyfoodsnaps said... Reply to comment

crisp pork hock mmmmm !

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Tambourine said... Reply to comment

Wow, I've never had marrow like this - looks interesting. Too bad it felt so rich. I miss hanging out with you!!! We should meet again soon!

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